Hello world!!!

Writing the word hello to the world is the first task given to an online adventurer who wants to step into the world of blogging. It’s the basics for any good introduction and the first word that babbles out of any humble writer when he wants to address the readers.

However, instead of a hello you could sometimes read a ciao! or an hola! (accidentally written somewhere in these blog posts…), but this should not worry you dear reader! We will not introduce you to new languages, we prefer to make you travel the world through tasty recipes and slang words from around the globe. You got it right, Abbiocco is intended to be a little comfy  blog to read while sipping your morning coffee this weekend. It’s a place where you can find the favorite recipes of Juliet, a lunatic Mexican designer and Francesco, an Italian architect and engineer that loves (maybe too much…) eating.

We will show you what we love, what our families cooked for lunch every Sunday and what brings us back good memories. We will present you with recipes that make us happy, nostalgic and calm. Always appreciating that sense of satisfaction cooking delicious food gives you. That curious sensation of having a full stomach and a happy heart that makes you want to sleep and become a couch potato.

Wait, you know that feeling? In italian we call it Abbiocco (now you know the meaning of the title!!!) Our original intention was to make a profoundly detailed introduction to the etymology of the italian word, but you know what? After a deep analysis on the millennial generation that reads blogs we found…nobody cares! 😀

If you had never experienced abbiocco before, then that is something WE CARE to change.  Take an article of this blog, follow the steps and make us guide you to this overwhelming experience of…enjoying home cooking. But if you’ve experienced abbiocco before and you know what it means…then you definitely understand gold is where you find it (and for sure you found a gold mine here!) and we can’t wait for you to be part of the club.

Why do we do it? Someone said to us that cooking is an act of love and love is about sharing. So let us share some love for the foodies out there who want to travel the world in their own kitchen. Yes foodies! It’s time…to cook!

Buon abbiocco to all of you, amigos